WiFi Router – Get better reception quick and easy

WiFi Router – Get better reception quick and easy

“Limited Network Connection” is a well-known problem of all who are not optimally set up Wireless router.

Whatever the problem, there are some proven ways to increase the weak WiFi signal.

Replace your wireless adapter

Since it is a two-way transmission perhaps the problem is not in the router and the adapter in your computer if you can not send signals back to the router.

Consider switching to USB adapter with external antenna, like that depicted below.

This is usually only applicable to desktop computers. If you purchased a laptop that has a built-in adapter probably will not have problems because they are high quality.


Unless you live in a cave and somehow miraculously Internet connectivity, maybe understand that if your wireless router is in the corner of the kitchen under a pile of old newspapers, and the computer is located on the second floor on the opposite side of the house to put the router open room (preferably in the center of your home or office) where it is not obstructed by solid objects such as brick walls.

Other elements that can affect the signal strength include microwave ovens, cordless phones, garage door and even baby monitors. Therefore, the fewer objects in signal transmission, the easier it is to reach the information on your computer.

Change the WiFi channel

WiFi routers transmit signals to radio frequency 2,4 GHz. Many other household appliances can work on or around the same frequency. So the time channel becomes “crowded” with more bandwidth, which slows down your wireless connection. Routers have a predefined set of 11 channels and by default many of them is channel 6. How to change the channel?

NetStumbler is a popular program for wireless networking, which offer the option to change WiFi channels.

Note that changing your wireless channel can not in any way increase the speed and just fix your network connection if it is lost or interrupted.

Update software and drivers

Regular updating is recommended not only for adding new features, but also to remove bugs and increase productivity.

For easy automatic update all drivers can use RadarSync.

Purchase of equipment from the same company

Compatibility can be a big problem, especially for two-way data transmission. It is desirable to have a router and adapter purchased from the same company. In addition, some companies offer built-in tools that improve speed and signal strength when all equipment is of the same brand.

Replace the antenna

Most routers come equipped with omni-directional antenna. This means that the antenna attached to the router broadcasts the signal equally within certain circular radius. This is great if the router is located in the hub, but it can be extremely uncomfortable if located in some of the corners. Since the signal is transmitted within a radius if you put it in a corner many of transmitted signal is sent into the wall or out.

Therefore, you can replace your antenna with HGA (High-gain Antenna) .It transmits the signal in one particular direction. Also check if your router has an exit for an external antenna.

Adding additional wireless access point (WAP) or repeater

If all else fails, you may need to purchase additional repeater or wireless access point.